Search For The Best Prices

Posted: November 26, 2010 in free software

Consumers who are die-hard money savers woke up early on the Friday after the last Thursday of November, commonly known as Black Friday.  The Friday after Thanksgiving has been named Black Friday because retailers have garnered a profit, getting them in the “black”, so to speak.  Retailers have learned to raise the stakes on the consumer game though.  So it should come as no surprise that the new apps that are available have retailers in mind.  Among the stand outs of the free apps are Amazon Mobile, eBay and the Find.

With Amazon Mobile, consumers can scan the item in question, and learn how much it would retail for at Amazon.  Amazon will scour its database of products, and if the item you scanned is available at a cheaper price, you can order it from them.  That is, as long as you have an account with your credit card information saved already.

If you are a fan of eBay, then you could perform the same tasks with the app created by eBay.  You scan an item that you would like to purchase, and eBay will find sift through its database.  Then in the time that it would take to text your friend the same question, you will see all of the options available to you.

A new player in the game is The Find.  When you scan a product with The Find, you are given access to all of the databases that it uses throughout the entire internet.  The difference with The Find, though, is that it will give you local options.  With The Find, you will be given a map showing you where you can find the coveted item at the price you approve.

So go shopping with a firm purpose, and you’ll be able to find what you want.  And the icing on the proverbial cup cake is that you paid the price that you felt was fair.  In a short while, the game rules may be changed again.  However, as long as you are an informed participant, you should still be a worthy contender.


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