Faster Downloads For 4G

Posted: December 1, 2010 in technology

With Verizon announcing that it will launch a 4G network on December 5, 2010, computer and mobile users everywhere are strategizing on what new equipment to get next.  Verizon will be offering accessories developed by manufacturer LG that may be able to accelerate download speed and connection times.  However, customers must be subscribers to Verizon’s network in order to take advantage of the LG deals.    The problem is, though, that the major wireless companies are still using 3rd Generation technology, and not the 4th Generation technology that they continuously boast about.

The way the industry measures 3G now, is based on the speed which data is downloaded.  4th Generation speeds would be a lot faster than those 3G speeds that are available now.  For example, it takes quite a while for a HD video to be downloaded onto a computer, let alone a mobile device.  With 4G, the download times would be greatly reduced.  That’s why some in the industry don’t believe that 4G has completely arrived yet.  However, long it does take for the technology to arrive at the 4G level though, is a welcome improvement.

Currently, the network companies are doing their best to make their download speeds faster.  Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile are improving their current systems in order to reduce the time needed for downloading.  So, they are getting closer to actual 4G time, but they haven’t gotten there just yet.  In the meantime though, consumers can shop around for the speediest network that they are able to purchase.  Being able to get quality mobile equipment at a good price will help also. 

So take advantage of this period that the networks are using in order to upgrade their networks.  Do your research to find out which networks offer the best prices, and you’ll be the winner in the game of download speeds.


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