4 CSS and ASP.NET Tutorials

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Programming
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Two of the most essential languages you will ever learn in your life are CSS and ASP.NET.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. They allow you to define common elements among your web pages. Make one change and it appears on all of your web pages at the same time.

ASP.NET is Microsoft’s web application framework. It’s probably the best web framework out there. You can do all sorts of powerful things using the basic tools of the framework.

Here are two tutorials for CSS and two tutorials for ASP.NET. CSS first:

  • Using Pseudo Classes – The first of two parts. If you’re not familiar with advanced selectors, then you’ll want to go back to the basics first, but these tutorials will get you familiar with CSS pseudo classes. You can do some cool things with those.
  • CSS Absolute Positioning – Let’s get back to some basics. This tutorial will teach you about positioning your elements on the page.

Now for a couple of ASP.NET tutorials:

While you’re studying these tutorials, take some time to browse a few of the other CSS and ASP.NET tutorials on these websites.


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