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The Consumer Electronics Show is officially history, but it did give those in attendance a look into the future.  And from the looks of the CES, the future looks bright for smartphones, Android and games.  One of the breakout stars of the CES, though, was Motorola Mobility.

In the near future, later this year in fact, another Android tablet, the Xoom, will be available to the consuming public.  The Xoom already has a story.  Apparently, Motorola expects Taiwan to be a big seller.  So large that 700,00-800,000 Xoom tablets have been ordered for shipment in the Asian country.  It is not an understatement then, to state that Motorola expects a bright future for its foray into the Android tablet game.  There is one glitch that Motorola may have overlooked though.  Other Android tablets are available to consumers as well, not to mention the Apple iPad.  The date of release for the Xoom tablet is yet unknown, but one can guess that since Taiwan is slated to receive their shipments in the first quarter of 2011, that sometime in that time period everyone will know how great, or not so great the Xoom is.

The Atrix is another product that Motorola will soon reveal to the consuming public.  If you believed that the smartphone market has reached its pinnacle, then you didn’t know about the Atrix.  The Atrix has a dual-core chipset, which should yield longer battery usage from one charge.  It also has a car navigator system, among its other business and entertainment attributes.  Which means that Android users who want to add to their collection have yet another item to choose from.  Whether you are wondering about the Android OS, or already love it, there are many choices in store for you.


Games Games Everywhere

Posted: December 22, 2010 in games

Before people got to absorb the news about Electronic Arts and the games for 99 cents, more companies wanted a part of the action also.  So not only can games be had for less than one dollar at Electronic Arts, but also at Namco and Gameloft.  If you give the gift of iTunes cards, whoever you give them to will be able to load their Apple iOS mobile device with quite a few games.  And the games that they will be able to load onto their device will be the good ones also.  Now those are the kinds of gifts that keep on giving. 

In addition, to the discounted games that everyone is familiar with, such as those created by Namco, Electronic Arts and Gameloft, there is an Indie iPhone Holiday Sale.  Support lesser known developers by spending your iTunes credits there, if you please as well.  The difference with the sale at the Indie Holiday Sale though is the fact that charity is involved though.  A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to charity. 

So if you have been delaying buying games for your Apple iOS mobile device, now is the time to use the iTunes gift cards that you may receive for the holidays.  You will be able to download games that you were on the proverbial fence about, and get them at a really great price.  Games that may have been $2.99 per download are now all going for $.99, which is a significant savings.  Happy shopping, and enjoy the games you decide upon.

Give The Gift Of Games

Posted: December 17, 2010 in games

Traveling is a part of life that no one can escape.  A few consequences that accompany traveling so much is restlessness and boredom.  What can you do to alleviate boredom in a way that isn’t hostile or anti-social?  Play a game or two on your mobile device.  You don’t run the risk of looking like an isolationist because you are able to pay attention to others while playing your game.  And if you are playing a multi-player game, you could invite others to play with you also.  So playing games are a valuable tool for coping and they may even enable learning.  In other words, games are a good investment of your time and money.

Since it is the season of shopping, as well as giving, EA games is having a sale on all of their Apple iOS games.  You will be able to download just about any game from their catalog that is able to play on the iPhone or iPad for a paltry 99 cents.  From sports games to popular role-playing games, such as the Sims, to puzzles, such as Suduku and Scrabble, you can find them all for 99 cents.  So when you in a situation that requires you to wait in one place, or risk having to start all over again, your reaction would never be construed as angry.  That’s because you have games to keep your mind sharp and your reactions to situations fine tuned.  Think of the time that you spend playing games as self-improvement moments.  You are an investment that keeps on growing in value, and the games are a tool for you to achieve your goals.  Happy self-improvement.

Entertainment For The Kids

Posted: November 29, 2010 in games

Anyone who has ever rode in a car with children during a long trip knows how important it is to keep them entertained.  That being said, your mobile device may be the one thing that keeps you sane during a road trip with children passengers. 

One way you could keep your children entertained during a long trip is by downloading the interactive books.  Some of the available titles are among the most loved Christmas and cartoon characters, such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Berenstain Bears.  Simply do a search on your mobile device, whether your device is an Android OS or Apple iOs shouldn’t matter, either Rudolph or Berenstain Bears, and pay the applicable download fees.  In doing so, you have just bought yourself a few hours of quiet time on the road.  The child or children who are interacting with your mobile device won’t even realize that they are learning either.  Another benefit of your purchase.

Another term to search for interactive books is RidiLi.  You will be able to find several interactive children’s titles for your children.  It’s a win-win situation for you.  You get quiet in the car, and your child is able to read along with your mobile device.  All the while, unaware that he or she is learning at the same time.

Another search term you could use is Santa.  There are numerous apps that have Santa’s workshop-type games.  Your children could learn about word searchers, or strategy games like tic-tac-toe or even solitaire. 

Your mobile device is more than possible entertainment for yourself.  The learning possibilities for your children, and the sanity you receive from a quiet road trip just added more value to your mobile device.

For the most part, books have continued along the same path since the dawn of the printing press.  Paper printed with ink, encased in a cover.  However, with the advent of the electronic book, made popular by the Amazon Kindle, followed by subsequent manufacturers like Sony, Barnes and Noble and Borders, eBooks are gaining popularity.  So leave it up to a book that was written by an author who died more than 100 years ago, C. S. Lewis, to change the game, so to speak.

With the next installment of the Narnia series, “Dawn Treader” set to release in December, the publishers of the classic C. S. Lewis tome have decided to update the timeless story.  While the words by themselves are enough to set minds on a journey to a land that is both far away and familiar simultaneously, the publishers have added additional enhancements for the reader.  Readers who download “Dawn Treader” to their e-book reader will be able to see a map of Narnia, blueprints of “Dawn Treader,” character guides for both people and creatures, videos, trivia games and color images.  Not bad for a book that was written by a man who existed before the advent of satellite television.

So as Narnia leads, the rest of us mere mortals follow.  You would be correct in telling those in your circle that the enhanced eBook features that this Narnia installment boasts is just the beginning.  There will be more e-books in the future that will offer enhanced features to readers.  Just as everything old is new again, everything new begins with a timeless story.

Everything happens very fast in this world that we live in now.  So it’s important to have an idea of what is happening now, a few minutes ago, and yesterday.  In today’s vernacular, such a problem is not a problem because, “there’s an app for that.”  Pulse News is an app that is available for those who use the iPad, iPhone and Android OS.  So you are able to learn about what’s important and relevant in the world while the news is happening, not after.

Pulse News is a news aggregator that allows you to check multiple sources in one fell swoop.  If you have been waiting for a particular story to break, you can count on one of the news channels that you selected to report on the story eventually.  And when the story does break, you will be able to share the story just as soon as you learned about it through your email, Facebook, Twitter or Instapaper.  That way your friends can be just as informed as you are on the issues that are important to all of you.

However, the best part of Pulse News is the price that you have to pay in order to acquire it.  You can download this app to your mobile device for absolutely nothing.  Previously, the app was $1.99 to download, but now it is free.  So you can have your news and read it, at no cost to yourself.  You really can’t beat a deal like that.  All the news that your mobile device can display to you, with sharing capabilities.  Welcome to the information age!

With the holidays quickly approaching, computer manufacturers are getting ready to showcase the latest ways to spend your hard-earned money.  Whether you want a netbook with numerous features like those created by ASUS, or a laptop with a large screen, you will be able to find one.  Between Lenovo releasing a Laptop that has a 12.5 inch display, weighing about 3 pounds and Apple releasing a MacBook Air that is very thin and light, those consumers who wish to have all their data encased in a tiny device have had their wishes granted.  And don’t forget about MicroSoft’s foray into video game controllers, Kinect.  It will be a very good year for the technology lovers who are wishing for an electronic holiday season.  If portable mobile voice devices are of interest, there’s plenty of news on that front also.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab may be of interest to those who want something more cutting edge.  And if the consumer devices aren’t enough to get you thinking about electronics, all of the different Operating System updates might.  With Android and Apple releasing updates for their devices, it would be very difficult to not notice all of hype that is surrounding the electronics world.  Don’t worry about breaking the bank though.  There should be a few of the Holiday season kick off sales that offer the product that you want at a price that you are willing to pay.  So check all of your lists, and do all of the research that is needed in order to get the best deal possible.  Then enjoy your new device to the best of your ability, because in a few months time, a new update is in your future.  Happy buying!

And when you get your favorite laptop as a gift, make sure to visit to learn some programming at your own pace.

The medical community has been studying the habits of teenagers, particularly texting.  While no one should be surprised that texting while driving is a combination with life threatening consequences, excessive texting can also be fraught with danger.

Apparently, doctors are looking for a correlation between teens who spend a lot of time updating their whereabouts and exploits on social networks, excessive texting and unhealthy behavior.  The study revealed that teens who send an unusually high number of text messages and spend more than 3 hours on-line to connect with their social networks, more than 100, may have a proclivity to smoke, drink or engage in other behavior that can negatively affect their health.  In addition to the damage that the teens can do to themselves, the same teens are more at risk for suicide, depression, stress and  have higher incidents of getting into fights with others.

The head researcher, Dr. Scott Frank, did qualify the study results by mentioning that teens who come from broken homes are more apt to suffer from the effects of needing to text their friends excessively, and spending a large amount of time checking their social networks.  However, Dr. Frank is quick to stress that excessive texting is not the cause of the problems that the teens may be experiencing.  He merely points that the excessive texting may be related to dangerous behavior.  In other words, parents have something else to spend their time worrying about.  Parents who let their teens have cell phones should monitor all of the time they spend texting, and help their teens control the need to share every little thing that is going on in their lives with their social networks.  Technology is grand, but with it comes problems that the parents of old never dreamed of.

Students who have a phone with the Android OS can now breathe a collective sigh of relief when it comes to taking class notes.  Evernote 2.0 for Android has been updated and with that, you can take your place at the top of the class.  Users now have a simpler interface on the home screen, with everything you need all in one place.  Whether you want to add a new note, tag what you already have saved, search, or take a snapshot, it’s all there in the home screen.   If you ever had an inkling to search for your notes while you are writing them, then this app must have heard your requests.  You have the option to search from whatever screen you are in.  In addition, you can also group your notes however you wish.  If you wanted to switch screens to reference an earlier post, the header bar is a welcome addition for those who need to continually switch back and forth.  So when an idea comes to you, all you have to do is use your Evernote app, and you will be able to access and return your thoughts later.  Then you expand on them, and add to your notes later.  And since Evernote is an app that works across platforms, if you are somewhere without your Android device, you could simply log onto a computer to continue.  Categorizing your thoughts has just gotten easier.  The best part of the app, though, is the price.  It’s free.  For those who have paid for the premium access, you could also access the app offline on your notebook computer.  Happy note taking.

The numbers are in, and they aren’t looking that great for the formerly unopposed Apple iPhone. The Android OS is catching up to the coveted Apple iOS. According to Nielsen, Android trails Apple by only 9%, and Apple’s popularity may even be waning. However, Blackberry and Windows Mobile have also suffered in the wake of the Android and Apple. In October 2010, Nielsen announced that Android was the top choice among consumers who bought smartphones. So the popularity of Android either proves that, the advertising campaign that Android launched was highly successful, or people simply think that the Android platform is superior. Either way you look at it, though, the results simply point out that Apple’s perceived world domination is not as far-reaching as it thought that it was.
In October 2010, Nielsen stated Blackberry has 31% of the overall market share, 28% of the market belongs to Apple and Android garnered 19%, which is pretty impressive considering it is the new OS on the proverbial block. Nielsen even mentioned that the release of iPhone 4 did not make a difference in the overall picture: Android is simply selling more units than the iPhone. Since nobody truly knows how the future will play out, if Apple will open distribution of its iPhone to Verizon, or stay exclusively with AT & T, the appeal of Android may even increase. Those customers who may have left AT & T, may decide to go with Verizon simply because they don’t want to deal with AT & T, or customers who aren’t active members in the Cult of Steve Jobs will opt for Android or Windows Mobile because they simply don’t want to be associated with the iPhone bandwagon. Whatever way you look at it, Apple may have to go back to the metaphorical drawing board in order to attract customers again.